About Us

We really wish this site weren’t necessary, but it is.  So many times we’re driving around and the basics – not the advanced elements of handling vehicles at high speeds, mind you, but the basics – are completely ignored.

And so we created this site to help out, and also blow off a little steam.  See someone stopped in the crosswalk at the light? Maybe you can help them learn to fucking drive.  Or someone changing lanes wildly? Again – they need to learn to fucking drive. Having a discussion on Facebook about the right way to parallel park, or the proper way to execute a right turn on red? We’re there for you… just post a link, and we’ll help your idiot friends learn to fucking drive.

No-one’s perfect, we know. But we’re there for the people who aren’t even trying. The ones who shouldn’t have been granted a license in the first place.

We’re with you, and we’re just trying to help people Learn to Fucking Drive.