Learn Not to F$%*ing Park In Disabled Spaces

Sometimes even writing these makes us sadder. But we have to, because you just won’t stop. You know you’re not supposed to. Hell, you even judge other people when you see them do it. But that darned sense of entitlement keeps rearing its ugly head. Maybe all the other spots in the parking lot are full. Maybe you’re just in a real hurry to get your kombucha and get out of the Whole Foods parking lot and on to your Tibetan slow-cooker meal planning class. And so you do it. You think, “Well there are three disabled spots, and they’re all empty… there’s no way I’m inconveniencing anyone. And after all, I did donate to the March of Dimes last year…”

But none of this matters, and you know it! Stop it!

Stop Parking in Spaces Reserved for the Disabled*!

We really don’t even need to give reasons, do we? You already know it’s wrong. And ultimately it’s not logic that’s making you do this, it’s your damned selfishness. Reasons aren’t going to make you less of a dick, are they? But just in case, here are a few:

  • It’s unethical. How often is it just that clear? You’re a bad person if you do it. So don’t.
  • It has the potential to significantly inconvenience someone. While it may not seem like anyone’s going to need it in the next 5 minutes, that’s not the point. Keeping it available if they do is the point. You can’t see the future.
  • It’s against the law. And its corollary…
  • You will be fined if caught. Most states have fines between $250 and $500 for parking in a disabled space without a permit. And damn right, too. You should pay a fine if you take up the spot, whether someone actually needs it or not.

You know, when it comes down to it, rules (laws) are kind of the hallmarks of society. They’re the ways we’ve chosen to make space for others, to ensure there’s a modicum of fairness and equality of access. They’re how we keep the darker angels of our nature from running roughshod over those in our society who might not be able to stand up for themselves. Laws, even when they’re a pain in the ass, are necessary. And this one’s not even a pain in the ass. You’re making space for someone else, and as a result you may have to walk a bit further. Couldn’t you use a bit more activity?

So seriously. If you do this…Stop it. Be better. Do better.


*Unless, or course, you are actually disabled and have a permit.