Learn to Use Your F$%*ing Turn Signal

This, like many posts on our site, is one we wish we didn’t have to say. It’s common sense, after all. It’s the law, after all. But here it is: Use your fucking turn signal.

It’s easy. It costs no time at all. It’s pretty much right where your left hand already is. It just makes sense. If you’re going to go any direction other than straight ahead, fucking let people know about it.

When To Use Your Fucking Turn Signal:

  • When changing lanes
  • When turning right
  • When turning left
  • When parallel parking
  • When merging into or out of traffic
  • When entering the freeway
  • When exiting the freeway
  • When turning into a parking lot or driveway
  • Again: Any time you’re planning to go any direction other than straight ahead, use your fucking turn signal

How Use Your Fucking Turn Signal

  • Most state laws require you to indicate, or “signal” your turn at least 100 feet before you turn. It does none of us any good if you signal during or (god forbid) after the turn. You understand that right?
  • Turning right? Push the lever UP
  • Turning left? Push the lever DOWN
  • On most cars from the modern era, your turn signal will shut off automatically when your steering wheel comes back to the neutral, or center, position. If not… push the lever in the opposite direction, and it will turn off.

Good grief.

Other Names For Your Turn Signal

Maybe you’re not using your turn signal because you lived abroad for a while and they called it an “indicator” or something else where you lived. If that’s the case, insert the word “indicator” or whatever else they called it, into this post everywhere you find the words “turn signal.” Now you have no excuses.

Use your fucking turn signal.